It’s a wrap!

by StSanto on July 22, 2011

Mixed feeling in this post. For the past year, we have been trying to see how Macchiato should transform. From easy-going post to serious business post, one thing stays firm – it should be a free personal expression when any of us writes something here.

We shared cool stuffs, we shared valuable piece of knowledge, we share inspirations and we shared encouragement. Sometime ago we decided to take out the B2B business related content and have it on another blog – – which has taken off to a great altitude since it left the Macchiato runway. All other free-and-easy stuffs we would like to share to our friends, to our network – we have been doing the same in our personal networks; via Facebook, via Twitter, via Tumblr, via our photo sharing in Flickr and lately Instagram. So it’s simply comes to one conclusion – we can use our social media channels to share what we value, there is no point repeating the same thing here. After all, most of our friends do not read this blog.

Does that mean Macchiato is dead? Nope. It should sleep for now, into the hibernation until sometime in the future when there is a need to awaken this great part of us. We will update our team page soon too, and we encourage you to find each of us on social media networks out there, and connect and know us even better – and share with us what we value.

Let Macchiato have its rest now… For this season, it’s a wrap!

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