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by Joshua on March 22, 2011

When big things happen, like the riot in Libya or Tsunami in Japan 2 weeks ago, where do you jump to see the latest news? My boss is a quake-alert guy, whenever there’s quake warning, he gets notification in his iPhone, and that day he constantly followed the news in YouTube and warned his friends in Japan. That’s one of the ways he uses online video. For me, I watch videos on web for inspiration, fun stuffs and learning.
Let’s skip the boring stats of the number people watching video, yeah yeah I know millions people watching video online and the number keeps on growing each year. What I like to highlight here are some issues that you may find while enjoying your choice of videos.  Since videos nowadays can be uploaded by anyone and recorded using any device, such as mobile phones, Flipcam, etc,  apart form the content itself, bad-quality video would be a part of the problem. Jittery style of recording, low res capturing, flicker, fast moving camera causing blurriness/out of focus, and may result in nauseousness in the eye of the viewer (been there.. UUrrrpp..) Solution: aspirin? nope!
Recently, Youtube acquired Green Parrot Pictures to fix those bad- quality videos. The company founded by Prof Anil Kokaram, specializes in motion based manipulation of film and video. With their motion estimation technology, they can magically enhance bad-quality videos to look better. Their technology has been used in major motion pictures including “Lord of the Rings”, “X-men” and “Spider-Man”.
Here are some videos taken from their company websites, showing some of their capabilities in converting all those filthy videos =p


We will watch closely how Youtube could enhance the quality of users’ uploaded videos.
Well, this is only the 1st quarter of the year, we’ll still waiting for the next new things for video such as the refreshed Flash Player 10.2 utilizing Stage Video hardware acceleration. In short, Flash Player would be able to play 1080HD videos while using less processing power (1 -15% CPU load ONLY). Though in the midst of the advanced and cool tech, they still have some security issues, but we’d still be looking forward to the updated technology.
So, with those new video technologies that keep on coming for the web, for sure it’s going to be a better sea ahead. The challenge is, are you ready to ride the wave to create a better.. no.. a more spectacular video? Let’s ROCKnROLL..!!

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