Facebook VS Privacy

by Randy on October 11, 2010

Privacy in social media network is a classic problem. There are some information in social media network that you want to share to everyone, however there are some you just want to keep it between you and selected persons. Even though Facebook  has already set a privacy option on it, yet the privacy problem is not solved.

If privacy setting in Facebook is not enough for you, this is good news for you. According to BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11486427) Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s latest features. “A group feature will allow users to specify circles of friends with whom they want to share different data. For the first time users will also be able to download all the data they have uploaded onto the site.”

This feature will enable the user to share the information to smaller group of friends instead of putting in front of the public to read. It will give them the power to control information that they share. “This feature maybe the answer to the things that you want to share with your close friend but not to everyone on your friend list.” Not only that, the user will also be able to download the data they have uploaded onto the site.

It will change its user behavior.  It makes people think more deeply about what they want to say and who will hear what they say. Does this means there is no freedom in speech? No it doesn’t, by filtering who’s your audience; it will give you more freedom to express your “What’s-in-your-mind”.  With features like this we can see how Facebook wants to have both intimacy and freedom within their users. Through these features we will feel more ownership over our own information. Before, we always felt that whatever information that we shared belonged to Facebook and not to us.

So again is it safe to say ”what’s-on-your-mind” in Facebook? It is not 100% safe, but at least with this new feature it will be safer than before. Because sometimes you don’t want to let your ex know that you are still bitching about her.

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