Papervision3D – Introduction

by Joshua on February 3, 2010

Papervision3D is an the open source library to simulate 3D object in Flash.  There are many open source library as well, such as Away3D, Yogurt3D, Sandy3D, etc.  For me and my tiny brain, I’d prefer using Papervision3D, since I found it more user-friendly – IMHO.
Papervision was originally created by Carlos UlloaJohn Grden, and Ralph Hauwert (former member), and now is already expanding to become a more marvelous team ( with John Lindquist, Andy Zupko, Tim Knip, and more). Click on their blogs above to see some cool Papervision in action..!

Kay.. cut to the chase, those big-brained guys built Papervision core engine, still developing it until now, and is getting more and more mature day by day, as it opens up unlimited kind of interactivity.  So how do we use it while they’re still building it? We use Subversion (SVN) for downloading and updating the source. What’s Subversion? Subversion or SVN is a version control system, used by developer to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation (Wiki-ed it..!). And how do we use SVN? Here’s a nice tutorial on getting the Papervision source through SVN and setting up all the tools needed.  After installing SVN client, for the SVN Checkout, paste on this link :

There.. you got the source already, time to rock n roll..! Btw, I’d really recommend you to use SVN rather than direct download for getting the source, since it’d more convenient to do the updates in the next future ( trust me.. been messed up before.. =p)

There are many tutorials on the web if you willing to spend a bit of your time to learn and build up your skill on 3D flash.
My most recommended sites for Papervision initiation are :
* Jim Foley’s Mad Vertices – Video tuts, example, and source codes.
* Charles Schulze’s Papervision2 – example, and source codes.

Looks hard? Quite.. but it isn’t that difficult if you follow those tutorial steps one by one.  It works for the code-illiterate guy like me, so.. conclusion : it’s not about the skill, it’s the passion.  Feel free to buzz me, I’ll be more than happy if we could develop and learn together.

On my next blog I’m gonna cover a bit on how you work with Papervision, until then.. have fun on those tuts and Happy Learning..!

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